Mama Kristy – An Introduction

Mama Kristy – An Introduction

Who I Am:

  • I am an advocate. I have a Master’s degree in School Psychology, which means that I’m deeply passionate about children, education, and mental health. I also hold firm beliefs and values about parenting, which is partially why I’m here. I have something to say.
  • I am mother. This one should be a dead-giveaway. As this present moment, my first son is 28 months this side of the womb, and my second son should be making his big debut in roughly 5 – 6 weeks. Motherhood has changed me in so many profound ways.
  • I am a little bit “crunchy” but not so stale that my house smells purely of patchouli. Bless the woman that is. I do use essential oils. I do have a salt lamp that I love to turn on in the evenings and plan to use as my nursing night-light. I nursed my first son until he was just two weeks shy of his second birthday (gasp!), and I believe strongly in the many benefits of breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and gentle, responsive parenting. However, I have yet to own any chickens or an alpaca, and I haven’t owned any hemp clothing in at least a decade. So, you’ll find me somewhere in the middle – teetering strangely between hippie/wholesome and convenience mama on the go. Work with me.
  • I am passionate about what is best for my family. I don’t always know what that is, to be honest, but I’m always striving. This is again, not to say that I do everything perfectly. My two-year-old son does enjoy a MacDonald’s cheeseburger (no pickles) happy meal from time to time (OK, like once a week – shut-up – I’m pregnant.) I want to be healthy and be the best me for them. I want to love them the best, show them the best, teach them the best… what mama doesn’t?
  • I am a feeler. I feel all the feels. I over-share. I promise to be raw, authentic, and honest, because it’s the only way that I know how to be. Some moments that makes me a hot mess, and some moments that makes me passionate, effective, and able to move mountains through sheer will and determination. My intuition drives me, and it doesn’t always “check” all the logical boxes first. I like to think that this is what also makes me sort of fun!
  • I am privileged. Hear me out on this one. We do not have millions of dollars in the bank, and we still live what I would consider to be “paycheck to paycheck” … However, privilege is about more than dollar signs. I am white. My first language is English. By virtue of those things alone, I have access to things in this society that others don’t. I realize that my experience of life, my experience as a mother, a wife, a student, a worker – whatever it be, is not universal. This is my story, and it’s the only one that I can tell. Those other stories need to be told as well – arguably more – so if yours is different, please speak up. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I don’t have all the answers.
  • I am constantly evolving. This is who I am today. Right now. This is not who I will be in a week, a month, or a year. The fun thing about this blogging business is that we get to evolve together.


Who I Am NOT:

  • I am not a fashion blogger, a celebrity gossiper, or a social mogul. In fact, my lack of popular culture knowledge has embarrassed me on more than one occasion. You will not find any #ootd posts – unless purely sarcastic and it will be linked to an image of me in a t-shirt and athletic pants, because that is what I live in. Let’s be real. If I put actual pants on it is a special, special day.
  • I am not religious. You will not find any posts about my daily devotional. It is unlikely that I will even use the word “God” unless in an OMG. However, I am spiritual. I have respect for people of all faiths. I just don’t practice, and I certainly don’t preach. I am open to hearing other’s points of view.
  • I am not perfect. I am not a “super mom” (if that even exists!?) and I definitely don’t “have it all together”! Some days the cheese has slid waaaaaayyy off of my cracker, if you know what I mean!
  • I am not a chef, an expert meal planner, or even a really decent cook. There will be no talk of family recipes passed down from generations nor fancy preparations for hosting elaborate parties and meals. If I take a photo of my food, it is definitely something that someone else prepared – or just a sad excuse for a snack disguised as a meal.
  • I don’t take exquisite trips, plan exquisite parties, or generally do fancy things. I will not try to impress you with my fanciness, because it doesn’t exist.



You know when you have had a really shitty week… like really shitty… and you have that one friend that you get to have coffee with? She doesn’t care that you showed up in sweatpants with yesterday’s eyeliner? Yeah, that one. Her only question is, “Are you OK?” and she actually means it… That’s how I want this blog to feel. Like coffee with your bestie. Or margs. Or whatever. Just promise to read it with a drink in hand and share it with a friend.


XO – Mama Kristy




Why Blog?

What better way to start a blog than to discuss why I am starting a blog? (Original, I know!) In a few weeks or months when I forget why the heck I started down this path, perhaps this will serve as a helpful reminder. Also, it may give you (my plentiful readership) a very short glimpse into what you can expect from Kristy Ganow as a blogger. So here we go…

  1. I am a writer. Whether I am writing on paper or in my head, I am always writing. This is the curse of being an INFP. Somehow, I feel it is my soul’s purpose to watch, listen, and interpret the world, and the only way that I can begin to make sense of it all is to write. I was always an avid journalist and creative writer growing up, and although most of what I put on paper these days is in the form of numerous lists or notes in my planner, I still write. I have to write.
  2. To connect. Does the world really need one more mama blog? One more story about birth, breastfeeding, and the struggles of the toddler years? One more perspective on balancing it all, finding your inner strength, and making your own way? One more satire on coffee addiction, lack of sleep, and yoga pants? Simply put – yes. Yes, it does. It is these collective stories, these collective voices, that give light to the human existence and give power to the shared experiences of so many women. There is great freedom in knowing that you’re not alone. Perhaps a mama out there today – on the brink of sheer exhaustion, trolling through Facebook, trying to ignore the sibling fighting going on in her living room, with a stain on her shirt and a half cold cup of coffee in her hand – will click on my page and read. Perhaps she will find some glimmer of truth, a little laugh, maybe a few much-needed tears, and enough motivation to turn off the TV and walk her screaming littles to the park. Then that is enough.
  3. To disconnect. This final reason is pretty selfish. My life right now (okay, permanently) can feel like constant motion with endless demands, endless tasks, and endless distractions. If I can carve out a small piece for me, at the end of a long day or in the middle of nap time, I might – just might – keep my sanity.

So please read. Listen to my story, and please share yours with me along the way. We might just learn a little something.