You stop just surviving and start thriving when you stop seeing your life as a set of limiting circumstances and start seeing opportunities all around you. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked in to feeling like you’re not living the life you chose, and therefore play the victim in your own life. Thoughts like, “How did I get here?” or, “This isn’t what I planned for myself” unfortunately plagued the last part of my 2017. That’s life for you! Just when you think that you have got it all sorted out, it has a way of throwing some pretty serious curve balls. Just when you think you’ve got this whole making lemonade thing down, you’re going to have to learn how to make a strawberry daiquiri. But guess what!? Daiquiri is delicious! The skills that you built before are only going to continue to serve you in the future, it’s just that sometimes you have got to get a little creative, go back to your roots, or stretch yourself in ways that you hadn’t expected. I promise you, if you learn to adapt, even in the most unplanned of circumstances, you’ll be better for it.


So why even make plans if life is just going to screw them up anyway? Because without a plan, your dream is already dead in the ground. Without actions, you’re just cruising along. Without goals, you’re in survival mode. Who really wants to live their life that way? Sure, there are seasons for it. Might I remind you, I have an almost 4-month-old. Although he is a remarkably mellow baby, I still consider those first 3 months postpartum a bit of a “survival mode” period. The “fourth trimester” is usually (& should be) a sacred, revered, and protected time when mama and baby bond and get to know their new life together, outside of the womb. We are just emerging, now, from nature’s little cocoon, and we are settled, ready to tackle whatever is next. So, here’s what’s next for us, and hopefully you can draw from these to make your own plan to THRIVE in 2018…


  • Stop sweating the small stuff. Seriously, just stop doing it. There are dishes from the night before in the morning when you wake up? Sure, tackle them first thing if it’s going to improve your day, but don’t lose sleep over this kind of thing. There are seriously only so many hours in a day, only so much energy (yes, even with coffee), and sometimes your energy is better spent reading and cuddling your babies on the couch or petting your dog and watching Netflix, whatever. We all need downtime.
  • Start each day with intention. My daily journal has a TOP 3 for the day. I can assure you, my to-do list, just like yours, is never-ending. However, I start the day with 3 things that I want to focus on that day, my high-level big objectives.
  • Cultivate GOOD in your life. Yes, we need to be grateful, always, for the things that we have, but we also should take time to cultivate – create and nurture – good things. This could mean something different to each of you. Now, I’m not Mother Theresa, by any stretch, but I need to find small ways each day to do a small bit of good in my world.
  • Stop waiting for the perfect moment. If you’re an over-planner, you may spend more time planning than actually doing. I have been guilty of this. Add in a bit of a perfectionist nature, and I can spend forever and a day thinking about the right thing to do without actually accomplishing anything. It is truly never too late to start, and equally never too soon to start. Make a small step, any step, in the right direction, and see how easy the next step comes after that.


Overall, I am looking forward to an amazing year! Stay tuned, because there are some really big things to come for me this year, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all!


Cheers to an amazing year!
Mama Kristy

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