Why Blog?

What better way to start a blog than to discuss why I am starting a blog? (Original, I know!) In a few weeks or months when I forget why the heck I started down this path, perhaps this will serve as a helpful reminder. Also, it may give you (my plentiful readership) a very short glimpse into what you can expect from Kristy Ganow as a blogger. So here we go…

  1. I am a writer. Whether I am writing on paper or in my head, I am always writing. This is the curse of being an INFP. Somehow, I feel it is my soul’s purpose to watch, listen, and interpret the world, and the only way that I can begin to make sense of it all is to write. I was always an avid journalist and creative writer growing up, and although most of what I put on paper these days is in the form of numerous lists or notes in my planner, I still write. I have to write.
  2. To connect. Does the world really need one more mama blog? One more story about birth, breastfeeding, and the struggles of the toddler years? One more perspective on balancing it all, finding your inner strength, and making your own way? One more satire on coffee addiction, lack of sleep, and yoga pants? Simply put – yes. Yes, it does. It is these collective stories, these collective voices, that give light to the human existence and give power to the shared experiences of so many women. There is great freedom in knowing that you’re not alone. Perhaps a mama out there today – on the brink of sheer exhaustion, trolling through Facebook, trying to ignore the sibling fighting going on in her living room, with a stain on her shirt and a half cold cup of coffee in her hand – will click on my page and read. Perhaps she will find some glimmer of truth, a little laugh, maybe a few much-needed tears, and enough motivation to turn off the TV and walk her screaming littles to the park. Then that is enough.
  3. To disconnect. This final reason is pretty selfish. My life right now (okay, permanently) can feel like constant motion with endless demands, endless tasks, and endless distractions. If I can carve out a small piece for me, at the end of a long day or in the middle of nap time, I might – just might – keep my sanity.

So please read. Listen to my story, and please share yours with me along the way. We might just learn a little something.

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